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Scrap, rework or correcting actions



Waiting for a machine, parts, another operator or instructions



Operator movement including walking, hand and arm motion etc

(movement while carrying parts is transportation)


The moving of items by hand, forklift truck or conveyors etc



All inventory that is not required immediately to complete the task



Visual Factory

Doing more to the product or process than is required to satisfy the customer


Producing ahead of the required demand

Manufacturers the world over have been facing severe economic difficulties in recent years, regardless of their product or location. Those who survive are able to satisfy rapidly-changing market trends, deliver high-quality products/services quickly, at ever more competitive prices. Meeting these challenges without raising prices (to keep customers), while reducing costs of production (to stay in business), requires innovative and responsive management techniques, uniquely suited to the individual needs of each business.


Staying in business today demands high efficiency in every aspect of production operations and although every business executive understands this principle, achieving it is often a daunting challenge.


Consider your current production or operation system. Your traditional production methods may suffer unrecognised inefficiencies in the following four areas:


  • Prediction about needs (long lead-times, inaccurate forecasts of market trends, overstocking or product shortage etc)


  • Production planning (inefficient inventory control during processing, slow response to planning changes, plans don't accommodate multi-purpose production etc)


  • Production system (slow response to change orders, poor reaction to frequent changes in production items, inconsistent processing time etc


  • Warehouse (inaccurate warehouse inventory control, increased paperwork etc)


Our efficiency, when incorporated into your production, logistics or other operations, will identify weaknesses in your systems, eliminate all visible and invisible waste (of time, materials, manpower), minimise production costs and increase profits. Many global manufacturers have experienced the effectiveness of the SGC-PS (Shingijutsu Global Consulting Production System) concept.


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Waste Elimination (Muda and Kaizen)