27% productivity improvement


  • Achieved 90% reduction in lost time accidents

  • Achieved 40% reduction in scrap

  • Achieved an increase in OEE (overall equipment efficiency) from 55% to 82%

  • Achieved 45% reduction in WIP and raw materials

  • Introduction and teaching of Practical Problem Solving Techniques


Adrain Dunnitt - Production Director


Bombardier Rail UK

New product introduction


Cost avoidance £540,000


"We knew we could do things better but to be able to reduce the hours it took to overhaul the gearbox from 33 to 18 seemed impossible. However, JEL took us through every step of the process with their unique 'hands on approach' and we did it!"


Tim Jenkins - General Manager


DORC Medical Devices NL

2.4million Euro Savings


A Return on Investment of 8


"After implementing Lean processes for just over a year we decided to change from our current provider to JEL. Within three weeks JEL had achieved more than the last provider did in a year!


Within three months we had physical cost savings of 2.4m Euros and were well on our way with a new Lean Production System."


Alwin van der Elburg - Production Director


MACFAB Bailer Systems

Introduction of a Lean Production System


"I originally engaged JEL after seeing the good work that they had done at one of my customer's sites. I was hoping for a gain of 11% productivity improvement but amazingly saved over 2.7m Euros!"


Gene McMahon - Managing Director


Mahle Automotive (Italy)
Royal Mail

Change Management


"After engaging JEL to help us with our Lean introduction, they showed us how to introduce and develop an excellent sustainment too (Kamishibai) through linking three tiers of the organisation together to achieve a common goal."


Martin Walker - Group Maintenance


Syncreon Automotive UK



Savings of $425k per month


"After substantial short-term growth it seemed we could no longer manage our customers' quality and delivery expectations. We needed proven expertise fast. Within a few days of engaging JEL they felt like part of the team and they grasped the issues quickly. The ROI took only days!!"


Gary Brogan - General Manager


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