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Here at JEL, our coaching and training team consists only of ex-Toyota leadership employees, all of whom are experienced in every aspect of the Toyota Production System (TPS). They all have direct experience of how to effectively introduce the required tools and techniques to make a real impact.


We follow Toyota's original TPS model of Lean Manufacturing, a proven method for obtaining world-class results.


JEL - Lean by Example
What is Lean Manufacturing?

Lean Manufacturing is a business methodology developed originally by Toyota within the automobile manufacturing industry. It is also known as the Toyota Production System (TPS), Toyota Management System or Just-in-Time production. Lean production principles are also referred to as lean management or lean thinking.

We can help you eliminate waste (Muda)

Through the Toyota Production System, we can quickly help you identify which activities add value to your company and which are wasteful. We will introduce Kaizen (Japanese for 'continual improvement'), a method of identifying and eliminating waste as quickly as possible and at the lowest cost.

This methodology, which made Toyota the world's leading automotive manufacturing company, is used across the globe to improve business performance.

All of our coaches have previously held leadership positions at Toyota Motor Manufacturing

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